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You can't feed just one seagull (a series on Social and Vacation!)

This past week I was at the beach — with a very relaxing time in the sun.  The whole time I was there I saw social in so many different ways.

Once when my daughters tried to feed one seagull , they ended up with a whole flock.   You can’t just feed one !  Or can you?

In Social,  you should respond to comments in a way that showcases that your brand really cares and engages around client concerns.   Responding is an important part of interacting and engaging with your audience, while also humanizing your brand, improving brand loyalty and creating brand ambassadors. 

But you don’t have to respond to all negative comments.   Have a well thought out plan and know what “level” of comment that you want to respond too.   In some cases, have other clients speak on your behalf.   Unlike at the beach, you don’t have to feed all the seagulls.


  1. So true, I have to go back to the seagulls and think that as you start to share food, they become interested to see what you have to offer, many just come and see, some get the food others fight for the food and once the abundance of food has gone there will be a few stragglers. So if you want a continued exposure of the flock you need to plan how you will feed them, how many you want to have around, and for how long.

    So it is with social, representing the brand, what you stand for, what your interests are, what you want to share and get others interested in, to have them follow you (or purchase) from you.

    Always remember that in order to maintain a relationship there has to be interaction (as in if you want to keep the seagulls around, you need to provide useful nuggets) so it is with social, if you stop interacting you will loose your followers and /or customers. Keep it interesting.

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