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Live from IBM PWLC – eperi Dishes on Cloud Security and Marketplace

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How do you build strong, simple security leveraging your smartphone? Lance Kelly from Toopher explains!

Security is top-of-mind for many of us, yet we acknowledge that heavy security can represent a huge amount of user frustration (how many times have you been locked out of that service you love?)

Lance Kelly, VP Business Development and Partnerships, Toopher, explains how their solution leverages your mobile phone to provide an extra level of security using your normal username/password combination!

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The Gap in skills for mobile, social, analytics continues! VBlog!

Skills have been quite the topic lately.  Why?  We have such skills gaps that any great company must really address the challenge, with the industry.

Here’s the results of the study that show the gaps!   Read last week’s blogs for IBM’s focus with the academic universities in security and analytics!

Beware of ghoulish cyber-attacks!

Happy Monday and the week of Halloween!

Today, we are going to talk about cyber-attacks and the best practices to try to avoid them.   One of the top vulnerabilities is trust through social networking!