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Friday Top 6 Favorite Quotes to Inspire

March 27, 2015

1.   Nobody who ever gave her best regretted it.    George Hala

2.   Entrepreneur is a state of mind, not a job title.

3.  Make your crazy ideas stick.

4.  Being you can be your niche.

5.  What could we accomplish if we knew we could not fail.  E.  Roosevelt

6.  A tweet only lasts 60 minutes.


Kevin Hall, Author of Aspire, Dishes on his 3 Best pieces of Advice!

March 23, 2015

I had the honor of meeting Kevin Hall, the author of the book, Aspire.   This book is the all time best seller for personal motivational books and is well worth the investment.   Listen for a little taste of the great insight he offered us at the Senior Leader Session at the Professional Business Women of California session!


Customers expect simple, sophisticated experiences – Some Cool Ones from SXSW!

March 19, 2015

Experience with new platform technologies and business models is dramatically increasing both the expectations and
empowerment of consumers. They are developing an insatiable desire for compelling experiences across all areas of life.
Increasing technological sophistication is leading to:

  • More information to consumers, allowing more choices and enabling greater opportunity to influence organizations
  • Higher expectations of integrated and sophisticated — yet simple — experiences
  • Decreasing brand loyalty, as consumers have less patience and are more willing to switch interchangeably among

At SXSW, we saw Mophie leverage a simple “dog” to deliver power at the sound of a tweet!  This simple yet impactful experience will remain one of the top at SXSW.  The other great example was in Start up WonderWoof.   Designing a FitBit for dogs, they have delivered more information to consumers allowing them more informed decisions.
In response, organizations are increasingly pressured to play catch-up and meet the next generation of consumer demands
by providing integrated, customized experiences. Consumers expect personalization across all of their experiences, from
airline counters, to online mega-retailers, to the showroom floors of automobile dealerships. They expect integration
across channels and touch points, and they are quick to change loyalties to organizations that can better meet their needs.
Today, 81 percent of millennial consumers demand improved response time; 76 percent expect organizations to understand
individual needs and 68 percent anticipate organizations to harmonize consumer experiences.  In fact, at SXSW at our Millennail panel, Monday night, IBM hosted the first ever new way to startup Gen Y pitch party, attracting over 250 guests. 10 teams participated and only 5 were picked to move on to  live in a house in Austin, TX for an exciting reality webseries. They will compete to win software, services, mentorship and a trip to TED@IBM. The documented webisodes will demonstrate how these innovators are working with IBM to transform their big ideas into big change.  These types of experiences humanize brands.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, for example, is seeking to engage connected consumers. Xiaomi uses customer
segmentation as a brand differentiator. It sells high-end phones for prices close to cost, less than half the price of some rivals.
The company leverages consumer feedback captured via Weibo (i.e. Twitter-like social media application) to release new versions
of its operating system, which it does on a weekly schedule.

The Xiaomi example demonstrates that, to create an opportu­nity to provide a differentiated experience in line with consumer expectations, organizations must embrace data and analytics to underpin experience and pursue social media to promote collaboration. They will also need to reduce barriers to engage­ment and partnering.
Luxury fashion house Burberry, a traditionally conservative brand, digitized its organization to create a seamless consumer experience. Burberry removed organizational boundaries between digital and physical; for example, it equipped employ­ees with iPads to enable online access to leverage consumer data to improve the in-store experience. Through digital-phys­ical integration, Burberry has transformed into a modern, relevant, and hip luxury brand.

Focus on these simple, yet impactful brand experiences!!!


Nustory Project: Startups and students get together for content marketing and growth hacking!

March 17, 2015

Learn more about the Nustory Project

Check out Hootsuite University


How do companies engage millennials? Lanie Abisdris explains! (Coffee Break)

March 16, 2015

Love Growth Hacking? How about Career Hacks — Download the ebook!

March 15, 2015

Join me in this Geek Girls Are Chic community!   Community

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SXSW Day 2 Summary: Career Hacks, Run your business like…, and IBM Cloud !

March 14, 2015

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