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Mark Schaefer: building influence is not about buillding campaigns!

Mark Fidelman from Forbes caught up with Mark Schaefer (Author, Blogging Consultant) as part of our influencer program at SXSW. What did the two talk about? Influence! Mark Schaefer was one of the first to discuss this evolving space in his book Return On Influence. As he points out, as marketers and brands try to get their messages through, it is becoming increasingly important to turn to the most authentic advocates.

But rather than just thinking of building campaigns, you need to need to think of building relationships and think long term!

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A conversation with Mark Schaefer on social influence

I recently had a Twitter exchange with Mark Schaefer, Author and Blogging Consultant around the claim that Klout represents the new SAT Score. At SXSW we had a chance to get more into the discussion and talk about the wider discussion of the growing importance of influence on public social networks and within enterprises.

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