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What is Social Business?

Social Business – Fifth Era

Social Business – Social Analytics

Social Business – Tippers

Social Business – Community

Social Business – Top Ten

Social Business – Social Enablement


  1. I love the ease at reaching so many readers once we connect our social outlets. Sandy you are unbelievable!!!
    Thanks for teaching so many of us

  2. The reward system for a social business is the best I learned today, I’d be advising my customers not only to use it, but to link it to the annual appraisal for their employees, what do u think?
    Thank you Sandy for your great effort in the area of Social Business.

    Social Business Services entrepreneur.

    • Thank you for the feedback. If you do want to chat or need my help, please let me know. Sandy

  3. Thank you for preparing and sharing these videos. They are succinct and full of valuable information. I especially enjoyed learning about features on various sites that are not well known or frequently utilized.

    • Nan! Thank you!!! Any other topics that are important to you?

  4. You’re most welcome Sandy. Thank you for asking about other topics of interest. Here are a few:
    -Unique uses of specific features of various social media tools
    -Which social media tool should be used for what purpose to achieve the most impact (ex. LinkedIn for professional networking)
    -The most underutilized features of various social media tools
    Again, thank you for your efforts and for sharing- these are truly invaluable!

  5. Great materials. Customers are asking for training and information around adoption everyday. These are great assests combined with our other offerings.

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