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Shark Tank is coming to IBM Interconnect!!! A MUST see!

January 28, 2015

Gang:    Running the Enpreneurship Program at IBM is such an amazing role!  As such I am thrilled to celebrate Entrepreneurship at Interconnect with SHARK TANK — my favorite show of all time!

Make sure you join us for some fun as members of the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program go in front of some of the sharks!

See you there !




SuperBowl! What Entrepreneurs can learn from Football!

January 26, 2015

Having a Point of View (POV) is essential but No More Buzz Words!

January 8, 2015

I believe in having a Point of View.   It is a competitive advantage and a bold move — what if your client doesn’t agree with your point of view.   As an article I read said,   many astute, compelling experts decline to speak with authority due to the fear that someone won’t agree!

I think having and stating your POV is essential!

My one beef are those filled with Buzz Words.   Before you hit “Send,” purge your article of all “buzzy” terms. (Click here for a list I found today — thanks for the tips!!! )


Are Entrepreneurs Happier? Yes! Intrapreneurs too? Yes!

December 23, 2014

I was flying back from our announcement in San Francisco to provide Start-ups help from IBM to grow and innovate and reading a new book from HBS.  In the book, I read that that those working in organizations of less than 1000 employees are 25% happier (this is per the research from the Zappos “Delivering Happiness at Work”) and entrepreneurs that happiest of ALL!!!  And yes that does include “intrapreneurs” — a great one for me — an Intrapreneur at IBM!

How great since we were just with a set of great start-ups and entrepreneurs!   As a recap, we have been building on our partnership with thousands of start-ups.   Last month we launched of with the City of New York and Gust.

digital nyc

Yesterday, we launched the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups: unmatched in the industry and providing streamlined ways for your start-up to access the IBM Cloud!  We are the first to assist you, as a visionary entrepreneur, assistance on all needed levels.  To assist with the experimentation and development of world class products, we are offering up to $120K of Cloud credits. In addition, 43 local Innovation Centers and 2 Bluemix Garages provide world class technical assistance and training.

This program also included support of a big area we know is critical for start-ups  — go-to-market (GTM)! We have listened to our entrepreneurs all over the world and are pleased to announce two very unique offerings. First, connection to enterprise clients. During InterConnect 2015 we will host ‘CIO meet the entrepreneur’ events and will host meetups and get-togethers locally and globally to make these connections. We are also establishing a GTM Advisory Council to provide assistance and advice on all things entrepreneurial. Building on the world-renowned SmartCamps, business and marketing mentoring is an incredible benefit to entrepreneurs.

In summary, IBM’s new Global Entrepreneur for Cloud Startups includes the following 4 benefits:
1.    Up to $120K of free IBM Cloud services
2.    Technical support from Innovation Centers and Garages all over the world
3.    Linkage to Enterprise Clients
4.    GTM and business mentoring through SmartCamps and a GTM advisory board



Bluemix Girl’s Nights Creating a Powerful Network of Women Developers!

November 21, 2014



Take back control of your work day!!! My Top 3 Work Transformations!

November 21, 2014

Today work is changing! There are 3 things that I see as significant changes in the work day:
1.  Prioritization is critical in the new work world due to information overload.  I get over 500 emails a day! I have to be able to prioritize the most important work. This makes me think of what Gandhi once said, “Action expresses priorities.”

So, everyday I have a list and cross off those items that don’t make the cut! This is one reason I love IBM Verse! With help from analytics, my inbox is now organized and prioritized, showing the top five actions that I owe or that I am owed, and when they are due! Sweet!!!

2.  Sharing is now more powerful than hoarding information

When I went to school, it was all about memorizing information.  But today true value is in sharing information.   My daughter, in a recent assignment at school, was asked to find the answer to questions through googling.  But she had to ensure that the information came from a trusted source.

With this new IBM announcement of IBM Verse, it enables my sharing.    I can share a file or conversation in just two clicks. Chat and meeting functions are built in, so collaboration is fluid. It’s easier than ever to share information and build great relationships. How cool is that?!

3.  Work when you want but not all the time!  

I love being able to work at any moment, but don’t like having to work at every moment.  Today, a mobile device is freeing …..and is the new style of work.  Doing your mail while waiting to pick up your kids!

With IBM Verse, my team now has integrated business communications even when on the road, and I love it! Sharing is fast and easy. Chat and meeting functions are built in, so collaboration is fluid. And I no longer get lectures from IT about security and cost.”
Here’s a quick video that shows you even more ways IBM Verse is designed to help you get your work done more efficiently!

Sign up for IBM Verse now!


Why keep cloud in the garage? Entrepreneurs love it in San Fran!

November 17, 2014

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