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TD Bank’s “Automated Thanking Machine” – Social at its best!

July 31, 2014

TD has been a leader in building and launching innovative social media programs and platform. A few years ago, TD bank introduced Connections as its enterprise social media internally to employees, and recent years have seen the successful launch of programs like TD Helps, an online financial advice community, a North American Social Customer Service program on Twitter, and, last spring, the TD Aeroplan Customer Community.
On July 25th TD released another first among the banks, a video capturing customers and employees sharing some great moments as we surprise people with the “Automated Thanking Machine.” The Automated Thanking Machine thanked customers across the country in personal and unique ways, from a memorable encounter with a sports idol to a dream vacation for a young family, and many other moments big and small. Later the same day, at 2pm, we celebrated customer appreciation day by thanking customers on the phone, online and in all of our branches with an envelope containing $20.  

The video has generated more than a million views in a very short time and reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.  Check out the comments on Youtube or twitter to get a flavor.

We are delighted that people have embraced #TDThanksYou in the spirit it was intended – as a heartfelt show of appreciation —  with a message about the power of a thank you and how that can change someone’s day.

Looking ahead, we’re even more encouraged to continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what a bank, indeed a brand, can do on social to connect with customers and employees.


Content creators for Digital Assets — More Creative in the “green”

July 30, 2014

I was fascinated by an article I just read about the impacts of colors on your mood. In particular, the article had strong insight into the color green on your creativity. Lately, several companies have been asking me how to inspire their team’s creativity especially for digital content.

As companies become more social, organizations are increasingly looking for digital content and media skills. In the digital age, content is becoming king and so digital content creators are the new kingmakers! With $135bn being spent on digital content, CMO’s see custom content as the future of marketing.

So is this one idea, to sit these new kingmakers in green rooms? Is this why actors room up in a “green room?”


VacantBoards uses Big Data and Analytics for the SmartCamp Lagos win!

July 24, 2014

Imagine a company that uses big data and analytic software to capture data on the flow of traffic to determine the value of advertising on billboards. A solution like that could help small businesses, as well as enterprise-level businesses, maximize their advertising dollars when selecting the right billboard.

You don’t have to imagine that company, because we found them at a SmartCamp event! VacantBoards was announced the winner of SmartCamp Lagos!

VacantBoards developed the very solution I described above. Driven by big data and analytics, their solution is a game changer in the African advertising industry. And, even better, their solution is provided at the touch of your fingers through a mobile app! How powerful is that?!

Congratulations to VacantBoards and to the Lagos ecosystem for putting on another great SmartCamp!



Internet of Things – Monday Coffee Break Video!

July 14, 2014

The internet of things is growing in importance, especially in a set of industries!

Today’s Coffee Break focuses on the Internet of things!


2014: Year of the Entrepreneur

July 10, 2014

Have you noticed the new energy around Entrepreneurship?

For instance, Shark Tank is one of the most popular family shows.  Families are teaching their kids about the potential and the feasibility of changing the world.

We now have Restaurant Start-up and even Walmart is running a “entrepreneur” event to gather new products for its US stores.

And more women are also joining the trend …. did you know that  nearly 20% of angels  invested in women-led businesses — the percentage grew more than 40% from the previous year, according to the Center of Venture Research.

Why is this the case?

1.   There is more access to capital and it costs less to start a business.   With new technologies like cloud, the cost to begin a start up is less, and areas like social enable businesses to market like the large companies for less.

2.  There is more “hope” now in the economy that in the past few years.   Yes, CNBC says we are in the period of overjoy, there are signs that our economy is improving — it’s a good time to start a business.

3.  Corporate America isn’t fulfilling the “need to show value” and to “change the world.” To attract and retain the best employees, companies should be more proactive and willing to invest in their workers’ future.   Many believe they have to create their own company to get that culture.

4.  Mentoring abounds.   I see IBM offering business and technology mentoring.  Virgin is focused on mentoring in the UK and the list goes on.   Mentoring provides confidence to get started!

5.  Support is pervasive.  Unlike in the past, support for start-ups exists in networking groups, meetups, and beyond.  For example, for women entrepreneurs, some groups are National Association of Women Business Owners, Women’s Toolbox, PBWC, WITI, and Women 2.0.

I love this time of Entrepreneur Energy and know 2014 will truly be the Year of the Entrepreneur!


Design is a huge competitive advantage!

June 25, 2014

design camp


B2B is Social! Infographic

June 14, 2014

b2b social


Austin SmartCamp – Start Up Winners Announced – BeehiveID & eyeQ

June 12, 2014

Two winners for SmartCamp Austin 2014 were selected yesterday: a nearly unanimous popular vote from the public audience for BeehiveID and a clear Mentors choice for eyeQ Insights.

Event Highlights:

  • Ground breaking new relationship through partnering with TechRanch.
  • Standing room only with 120+ attendees
  • Two winners selected: a nearly unanimous popular vote from the public audience for BeehiveID and a clear Mentors choice for eyeQ Insights.

The EcoD Designcamp Team joined for the grand finale !!!




What I know about you! How digital marketing drives personalization

May 26, 2014

We are seeing a huge change in digital marketing driven by CAMS (cloud, analytics, mobile, social)! In this coffee break I talk to experts from @Gigya, @OgilvyOne and the irrepressible @JayBaer about the latest trends.


UK rocks the Developer Scene with @monkchips and Bluemix!

May 20, 2014

DEVELOPERS 6583 SVH post event infographic-page-001


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