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Megatrends for Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social

CNBC Top 50 Disruptors – Of the Top 20, 25% are Social

top diruptorsI love disruptors.   I love innovation and creative thinking.

So the CNBC Top 50 Disruptors was interesting.   (read the full story here

I found it interested that ALL these companies are either based on Cloud, Social, Mobile, or Analytics.   All are based CAMS!

And of the Top 20, 25% are Social Business oriented.

Whose your favorite?  And what’s your biggest AHA on the list?


InXero: helping micro-businesses engage customers through social and mobile!

I am in Poughkeepsie today chatting with clients and our great IBMers here!  The big focus of course is on CAMS — Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social!

This example highlights the value of CAMS!

75% of world trade happens through resellers says Anand Raj, CEO, InXero. Many of these are small businesses who are not necessarily good marketers. InXero gives them the tools they need to get the right content and meet the customer where they are! For instance, developing a showcase for businesses on LinkedIn can be much more impactful than the printed brochures of old.

See the InXero platform in action!

OUT with the old hierarchy, IN with social! Qumu and Safeway!

For our Coffee Break this week we will explore the vast impact social is having on the structure of companies and how you can prepare your organization for collaboration.

Look to see how Qumu is revolutionizing internal communication.  I am here in California and Safeway’s are everywhere!

Take a peek at what they are doing!

As always, let me know your feedback!

What I know about you! How digital marketing drives personalization

We are seeing a huge change in digital marketing driven by CAMS (cloud, analytics, mobile, social)! In this coffee break I talk to experts from @Gigya, @OgilvyOne and the irrepressible @JayBaer about the latest trends.

Alan Godfrey, Bazaarvoice: making the social firehose useful!

As Alan Godfrey, North American Retail, Bazaarvoice points out, digital engagement with the consumer is everything, whether it be via social, mobile or other channels.

Bazaarvoice, a word-of-mouth content company, helps brands understand who is buying what and why. Their ratings and reviews platform helps retailers in many ways, including the placement of products in stores!

Learn more about building customer engagement with Bazaarvoice!

Everything you need to know, you learned in kindergarten!

What is the most important lesson of all? That SHARING is what counts! Watch this Coffee Break video to learn why in business it’s no longer what you know: it’s what you share.

Adena DeMonte, Badgeville on gamification and the psychology of motivation!

As Adena DeMonte, Director, Corporate Marketing, Badgeville, points out in this conversation gamification really can be applied across the enterprise in order to motivate certain behaviors. This involves psychology in the planning of motivation techniques for different roles, and analytics to measure the behavioral outcomes.

Learn more about Badgeville gamification solutions

Come hear IBM Impact on the latest social trends! Session 1805, Tuesday 3.45pm

What are the latest social trends right now? How important is the interplay between cloud, analytics, mobile and social (CAMS)? What skills are needed to drive this business transformation?

Come hear me explain the latest social trends, together with social marketing maven Pam Moore of Marketing Nutz!

I look forward to seeing you at Session 1805 in Palazzo E, Floor 5 at 3.45pm Tuesday April 29!

A conversation with Mark Schaefer on social influence

I recently had a Twitter exchange with Mark Schaefer, Author and Blogging Consultant around the claim that Klout represents the new SAT Score. At SXSW we had a chance to get more into the discussion and talk about the wider discussion of the growing importance of influence on public social networks and within enterprises.

Read more on influence on Mark’s blog

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