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Internet of Things Foosball on BlueMix With Social Linkage!

Yes, the students have done it!  This is an Internet of Things Foosball Table designed by Fabian Eitel and Marcel Seibold.  In this picture, they are the 2 gentlemen playing against me !!

thumb_IMG_0357_1024This table with sensors throughout does the following: 

  • It tweets the scores.
  • It rates the probability of the winning team (my team was not rated high — even though I did score one point!)
  • Others can tweet to cheer you on!

Here you can find our final result in Twitter as a little souvenir.

It is a very innovative way to showcase the value of the Cloud.   Marcel and Fabian are not hard core coders but were able to get this up and coming quickly because of Bluemix.

How does it work?

Sensors capture the “game” and then send the results to the cloud, where the data is analyzed and stored.   Then based on the game, Tweets are automatically sent and the probablity of a Winner Calculated!

What fun!

foosball Capture


Digital tip of the week – How to change your Twitter handle

Digital tip of the week  – How to change your Twitter handle

Yes, you created your Twitter handle a few years ago, without knowing so well what you were doing. And now you want to change it to a more professional looking name. You can do it easily by going to Settings and then “Username.” If your new name is available, you can change it, and instantly you will be @NewName, without losing a single follower.

All your Twitter posts, both new and old, will be rebranded with the new name. But any tweet or retweet you were mentioned in will still be under your old name, and will no longer be linked to your account, so think twice before you change your handle, because there is no step back once you do that.

Landmark partnership for Cloud-based analytics! IBM and Twitter!

A partnership has just been announced  between IBM and Twitter!

This alliance brings together Twitter data together with IBM cloud-based analytics, customer engagement platforms, and consulting services.

The collaboration will focus on IBM analytics services on the cloud, a new set of applications providing data-intensive capabilities for the enterprise, and  specialized enterprise consulting.

Entrepreneurs and software developers will also be able to integrate Twitter data into new cloud services they are building with IBM’s Watson Developer Cloud or IBM Bluemix platform-as-a-service.

Check out Twitter’s blog!

Digital tip of the week – Twitter’s analytics dashboard now available for everyone

From our Business Tech Trends report, we found that Pacesetters leverage Analytics in all they do.

Check it out here!

  • “Raising the game: The IBM Business Tech Trends Report”
  • The IBM Tech Trends interactive Dashboard

Twitter has made its analytics dashboards available to all its users. You can now find data on how many people have seen and clicked on tweets from your account and get real-time information on engagement, retweets, replies, favorites and clicks for a tweet.

The tool also provides information that only third-party applications could serve until now, such as statistics on number of followers gathered over a two-year period, as well as detailing their sex, interests and location.

This feature was at first only available for advertisers and verified users and there is a help guide and FAQ on its Help Centre website. To access the services, you would need to login with your Twitter details on .

Digital tip for Friday – Cleaning up your Twitter account

Having a lot of users following your account in Twitter is a good thing… or isn’t it anymore? As @digitalnaiv, it is worth to focus on a vibrant network or in one that is out of date? If you want to have a healthy community of followers, based more on quality than quantity, you can use tools such as Tweepi to force people to directly unfollow you. This way you can leave out those who do not tweet anymore or have abandoned accounts. This is useful also for doing some clean up on the people or brands you are following.

Happy Valentines! Digital tip of the week –– Organize your Twitter stream by creating lists

When you follow a high number of profiles on Twitter, it is sometimes difficult to get to know the important and useful tweets in between the “noise” of your timeline. Twitter Lists come in handy to keep up with the best tweets from the people you follow and cut the noise in your stream. You can have different categories of lists eg “customers”, “partners” etc to help you sort the content and you can make your lists public or private. Plus, lists are a form of appreciation on Twitter, a gesture of gratitude. And you might get listed back too.

Learn how to create Twitter lists here.

Out of touch = Out of luck in business in 2014. Favorite 11 Tweets! #getrealchat

I was on a #getrealchat last night (they happen every Tuesday night at 9PM!), and loved some of the comments about what is coming in 2014!!

Here’s my Top 11 Favorites!

1.  Social raises the stakes. A crap customer experience is consumed as quickly as your ads are.

2.  Social can amplify your service – at the same time as building advocates for your business. companies will teach employees to be social ambassadors.  <-Yes a must happen!

3.  73% of CEOs say SOCIAL will be their #1 form of engagement experience in 2014..

4.  Social gives power to the People! Makes the client more relevant!!

5.  The battle is over, Mobile has won. Too many times I can get it faster via mobile in store than I can from a sales rep in store.

6.  We’ll see predictive social customer support in 2014 — and it is called Waton!!!!

7.  Social footprints will be used everywhere for recruiting, client support and more.  45% of our 2013 hires came social, old school hiring is dying fast  Get ready!

8.  Consumers can’t browse every blog or newspaper available to decide what to read. Influencers will help guide their attention.  

9. Before you get to big data, you need to manage your little data. We produce as much info in two days as all of the information ever produced up until 2003.

10. Great employee engagement leads to great client engagement.  You cannot continue to be a great org externally if you don’t become a great org internally

11.  Know your customer more than you know your klout score. 😉 Focus where it matters.


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