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Did you know that CEO’s & CIO’s identified “Insight & Intelligence” as the number #1 focus over the next 3-5 years?  Doing Social without Analytics really doesn’t make much sense in today’s world. 

According to IBM’s CEO Study, C-level executives are worried about enhancing customer loyalty and better understanding what customers want. 

We are calling this Socialytics  — a way that companies can simply collect big data across the social spectrum, and within seconds conduct complex analytics functions that show what your customers are saying and buying.  What your competitors are saying and doing.  And what is happening in the markets in real time.   

It is the combo of Social + Analytics + Big Data!

all together

 Essentially we are providing valuable insights and intelligence to business executives so they can make more informed business decisions. 

I think this is core to Social — being able to combine the analytics with the social data.



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    For all working in customer centric companies: Great insight on SOCIAL and ANALYTICS = SOCIALYTICS by my colleague in IBM. I also recommend to follow her blog!

  3. I would say Social is blind without analytics and analytics is lame without social. Both are needed for enterprise success. Socialytics could bring great value to enterprises by unlocking and bringing together the strengths of both social and analytics.

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