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It’s not always about you!

January 15, 2015

How many brands discuss nothing but themselves in social networks?   About 62%.   Too many brands do nothing but talk about themselves.   But the millennials and Gen Z want to be part of the “sharing” culture!   They want this “relationship” to be a win – win.

Look for opportunities to comment on your clients comments and POV.   Set up ways you can have them participate.   I love what Taylor Swift does in her Social Media empire.  She fills up up Tweets with undiscovered artists singing her songs, fan collages, and wedding videos using her songs. This past Christmas she did #SwiftMas and sent out gifts to those fans out there engaging and documented their openings of the presents on video.    TD Bank did a ATM – Automated Thanking Machine – to say thank you to their clients documenting their responses.
What will you do to recognize and talk about your clients and their interests?


Every Social Network Is Different !

January 13, 2015

Dogs are different than cats, and therefore we treat them different.   We walk a dog on a leash and leverage catnip for kittens!

The same is true of social networks. The audience of Twitter is different than that of Google Plus.   They are different and those that win, treat them differently!

While people know this, we still see content cross promoted on brand’s social networks.   Your team should be leveraging the differences and be creative to craft the story differently for the different social networks.

One of my favorite brands finds new and unique ways to engage with their fans. They strategically use social to report sentimental stories about how fans’ lives intertwine with the product, thereby growing their social engagement.

What are you doing in your brand?


Education-as-a-Service: Digital disruption in the classroom

January 12, 2015


What is Growth Hacking? Hint: Content is queen!

January 9, 2015

Everyone is talking about growth hacking … but what is it?

Well here are some facts!

  • It was created by start ups and entrepreneurs as a way to do “marketing” but I really consider it an intersection of product, marketing, and data.
  • It is typically low cost alternative to costly ways to get attention
  • It is part of an online marketing ecosystem!!!
  • Growth Hacking runs on the engine of “content”
  • Skills needed are techniques such as search engine optimization, website analytics, content marketing and A/B testing which are already mainstream.

Some examples include:

An early example of “growth hacking” was Hotmail‘s inclusion of “PS I Love You” with a link for others to get the free online mail service. Another example was the offer of more storage by Dropbox to users who referred their friends  (these were featured as well in Wikipedia)

One way to learn Growth Hacking, is to do Growth Hacking!

Maybe start simply with a blog!  Why a blog?   Well, a lot of growth hacking is about content marketing —  But don’t let the word “blog” throw you off. “The better you become at creating content, promoting content and sustaining an output of content, the better you’ll be at growth hacking.  Start simply on this one!  ”  Entrepreneur Magazine

To be continued!!!


Very actionable for Social Business and Marketing! An Infographic!

January 4, 2015

2014-11-10 Benchmarks Infographic


The Smartest Person in the Room is THE Room. Crowdsourcing 20 Trends for Social Business!

December 31, 2014

I love the saying “The smartest person in the room, is THE room!”   And so this New Year’s I decided to crowdsource the top 20 Predictions for 2015.

See if these help you to make your New Year’s Resolution for you and your business.  And from me to you, have a super New Year!!!


30 Words on Dec 30th To Articulate Social!

December 30, 2014

I was playing around with thoughts of Social .. and since it is December 30th .. I decided to try for 30 words.  I’d love for you to add to and delete from the list below!  (Notice that most of the words start with a C…interesting!

Ready, set, go!!!

  1. Relationships
  2. Content
  3. ROI
  4. Visual
  5. Mobile
  6. Analytics
  7. Engagement
  8. Advocacy
  9. Community
  10. Crowdsourcing
  11. Friend/Fan
  12. Reach
  13. Governance
  14. Reach
  15. Authenticity
  16. Connections
  17. Influence
  18. Sentiment
  19. Infographic
  20. Citizen journalism
  21. Internet of things
  22. Scaled intimacy
  23. Leadership
  24. Branding
  25. Voice
  26. Learn through monitoring
  27. Data
  28. Collaborate
  29. Conversation
  30. Fun!

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