I get alot of questions on the elements of a Social Business Platform.

Our view is that you need 4 capabilities:

Social Networking, Social Analytics, Social Integration, and Social Content

sb platform

Today I will share key Social Networking capabilities!

Profiles – Find the people you need based on their expertise projects and responsibilites based on the information on the person like certifications, background, and other key information.   The profile has information that helps you socially find expertise, open up communications, and keep your networks informed.

Communities – Create, find join and work with Communities of people who share a common interest, responsibility or area of expertise.

Bookmarks – Save, organise, and share bookmarks.  Discover bookmarks that have been qualified by others with similar interests and expertise.

Blogs enable you to present your ideas, get feedback from others, learn from the expertise and experience of others who Blog!  Usually videos and other rich media make this more adoptable!

Activities:  Organize your work, plan next steps, and easily tap into your expanding professional network to help you execute your everyday deliverables faster.

File – Upload and share any type of file with colleagues and communities.  Store versions and view downloads comments and ratings.

WIKIS – Wiki spaces for individuals, groups and communities to co-author pages.  View changes across pages, ratings and comments.

Forums – Ask questions brainstorm ideas, and leverage the expertise of the people in your organization.

Recognition Badges, Levels – Encourage sustained user adoption, educate and reward users for engaging and contributing.