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The Marble Effect! Build an Intentional Social Business Ecosystem! #ibmsocialbiz #socialbusiness #socbiz





The Marbles have 300% more surface area!!   So what does this have to do with Social?

Your voice gets magnified the more people in your network.   Your POV and listening impacts the best solution.

Take a look at this picture where you have a tiered Marble impact.    The upper tiers have impact and have direct linkage and work with a Social Business Manager.  The term “brand ambassador” has been a round for ages, but do we really want to create brand ambassadors?  The analogy isn’t quite right.  Nor do we want to put pressure on people to mindlessly share content on their personal networks.  So you need a bit more of a nuanced approach.   An intentional social enablement system!

multiply your impact

IBM has been working on a bunch of different enablement tiers that create an ecosystem of social enablement for IBMers.  Starting with a foundation of guidelines and policy – see our Social Business Coffee Break from yesterday blog post!  – and moving up to general education about social media, cybersecurity and reputation for all IBMers in the Digital IBMer hub.  From that tier, IBMers can move into the Forward Thinker Program which enables them to be surfaced on and other external experiences – and also to be identified for the IBM Select program, which is a small group of high-tough, bespoke plan enablement for the top tier.  All of this is managed by people from many different areas within IBM – the social business managers…we’re not suggesting that we create a whole department of social business managers, but this is definitely an emerging set of skills that people need!

I’d love your thoughts on this approach!!!



  1. mirv2000

    The first thing that came to mind was the way the marbles connect, though they have 300% more surface area, there is more to it, they will also have somewhere around 20 connecting points to other marbles each, making it a very diversified connectivity to many resources that themselves each ave another 20 or so connecting points with many of them having common connections.
    I have also thought of this as a means of defining employees that have skills in many different areas considered to be “Jack of all trades, master of none” and the value attached to such individuals as they will have the connections to get the job done.
    Truly Social Business has a great advantage in the business world as we tap into the resources to get the job accomplished by sharing tips, hints and knowledge across a fast pacing world.

    • Sandy Carter

      I love your thought process around the 20+ connections and the linkage to employees skills. This is the “value”..I believe it is no longer just about what you know, but about how you find the information you need!

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