How does a startup company grow?

August 13, 2013

The biggest challenge as a startup, says Russian startup CEO Dmitry Golovachev, is figuring out how to grow—getting the right resources to make the right decisions at an early stage which will end in good results years down the road.

I love this video where Golovachev talks about how he and his company, STEK, hoped to address this challenge by finding new partners and create a bigger network through IBM SmartCamp. They found this and much more, with mentoring sessions which helped them be more confident in their company strategy.

Golovachev said STEK has also participated in startup programs offered by other big tech companies like Microsoft and Nokia, but received only software or technical guidance, which did not help his company see the bigger picture and give them the support they really needed. Providing this greater support, he says, is what sets IBM apart in its work with entrepreneurs.

Now, with a win at IBM SmartCamp in Moscow under their belt and a growing network through IBM Global Entrepreneur, it looks like this budding startup is on right track!

One comment

  1. Great to hear perspectives and stories from Smart Camp mentor participants. Really encouraging to see how IBM is helping to bring companies with great new products, approaches and ideas, into the marketplace to drive industry solutions forward.

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