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Social is Personal. My story. It is powerful.

The power of social is everywhere.

But no where as relevant than in personal life.

My dad was placed in the hospital for emergency brain surgery.   I got the news while in Vegas, and booked the first flight out.  I had to wait for the plane for over 6 hours — hoping to get home in time.

I was going crazy in the wait — and really needed to talk to someone.

So I did something I usually don’t do — I posted something very personal on Facebook about my dad.  Much to my surprise, within minutes I had response from friends all over the world.   The outpouring was overwhelming — over 500 comments plus dozens of calls.

  • I had calls from friends that I had not heard from since High School.
  • Prayers poured in
  • Comments of encouragement came in texts, comments, tweets
  • And I didn’t feel alone

No one gave up either — days and weeks went by ….. and the love flowed in through twitter, facebook and beyond.

I talk about the power of social in business — and the power there is very strong and real.  But this personal impact — priceless.


  1. Vaughan Rivett

    How is your Dad doing now? I hope that he is recovering???

    • Sandy Carter

      Yes thank you so much!!!!

  2. Alain Denis

    Yes thank you for your story !

  3. Wayne Jones

    So glad to hear your dad is okay! Thank you for sharing Sandy.

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