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Top 10 Social Business Adoption Steps: Infographic

Sandy Adoption


  1. Thanks for the nice picture! – the following step would maybe be “mature”, when business networking becomes a “natural habit” in employee’s work environment and transparency/openness is no longer feared, but seen as the key pre-requisite for creative and successful collaboration. It all comes down to “good behavior” – specially in critical situations.

  2. Sanjay Abraham

    April 10, 2013 at 7:36 am

    Of these, I would say, ‘Engage’ phase is the most challenging. ‘Degree of Adoption’ actually makes or mar the entire social business initiative. The communities become a buzzing bee hive or a virtual ghost town depending on the adoption by the employees. So ‘How to engage better’ should be the key element of every social business strategy.

  3. So straightforward and easy to understand! Great work!

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