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Social Business Coffee Break! Hear ye! Hear ye! New Jobs! #ibmsocialbiz #socbiz #ibm #ibmpartner #ls12

October 31, 2011

This weeks Social Business Coffee Break features the new job types that Social Business will drive in the marketplace.

I find it fascinating how many jobs were created by the internet. Like web master, SEO expert, etc. SOCIAL will do the same! Love to hear your thoughts!


Social Business — Farmer’s Insurance #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #ibm

October 28, 2011


I was invited to Farmer’s to present new Leadership Skills in a Social Business world. First, I view this as a insightful move from the executive team.  The line up of speakers was impressive and their focus on coaching and 21st century skills was amazing.


As I did 4 sessions to the highest senior team, I think I learned as much as they did but on different things.  Here’s what I learned from Farmer’s.

  • Farmer’s is commited to leadership 2020.  This meeting focused on the leadership skills required to get them there.  So many times companies focus on strategy and priorities. They focused on people.
  • As I love to say, culture eats strategy for lunch.  Their culture is one of authencity and teaming to lead them to that growth.   It is impressive.
  • While growth is top of mind, the thing that impressed me the most, was their focus on “not at any cost”.  They reminded me about the mission of “caring for people” and how that has impacted their company.  They care for people — their employees, agents, and clients.   This oozes from everything they did.

I often say that becoming a Social Business will amplify your culture and values.  I was very impressed with Farmer’s Insurance as a company, and its leadership team and have no doubt that Farmer’s Journey will be successful.


Social Business: Germany Social? ! #jamcamp #ibmsocialbiz #socbiz

October 28, 2011

Being just in Germany, I had read that Germany was not yet ready for Social Business.  But studying the facts, and seeing the number of German companies already adoption social at great rates, like Bayer, Sennheiser, and more I think that Germany maybe behind in Social adoption for personal reasons but not in business. A recent report for Dell from Trendstream showed that 70% of German businesses are using social media for business purposes and 40% for customer acquisition

In the chart below from the Global Web Index, we see that Germany is the second country in its use of Social to research products and find new products to buy.

 What are your thoughts on Germany and Social?   What about your country?


Social Business #JamCamp

October 27, 2011

I just got back from Germany at the Social Business JamCamp!  First, the team and people are pictured below who came up with this creative idea to deepen client relationships!

The Tour began with the Bus Tour!

Then ended with a 2 day session on Social Business — one day focused on Internal Social Business, and one session focused on External Social Business!


Even though reports show slower pick up of Social for personal reasons, we see Germany as a best practice adoption region for Social Business overall.


Social Business and Bayer! #ibmsocialbiz #ls12 #socbiz #ibm

October 25, 2011

I was just in Germany at the #JamCamp!  I met up with one of the earliest adopters of Social — Bayer!

I wanted to share their storyas  told to the audience by Kurt De Ruwe, the visionary CIO who began this social collaboration revolution inside the company. (See Kurt and I below after our lunch together discussing next steps!)

With over 111k employees, Kurt and team had several challenges. They had several teams working on the same problem across the world with duplication of effort and no real sharing of the solutions.   With an aging population,  Kurt had  35% of the people with thorough process and tool knowledge that were going to retire in the next 7 to 10 years.

So he set out to help Bayer become more competitive.  With a primary Social question in mind, he drove to create a culture where sharing is seen as normal and to stimulate the innovation process.

He piloted a set of communities in R&D (for innovation) and O&I (for social knowledge management of  best practices).  His progress and viral usage was amazing.

The pilot he started in the Materials Areas is now set to be ssed throughout his company. The R&D team focused on innovation, communities to spark the spirit of the team, and to facilitate crowdsourcing of ideas.  For O&I, he wisely worked on setting up places of sharing, communities to drive better practices, and to reach the teams at all levels.   

The success of his innovation stimulation and best practice sharing was built on a set of simple principles:

•Keeping it simple and standard makes a big difference
•Start small.  Kurt started with R&D and O&I.   Then he focused on glogging, and then micro blogging teaching and sharing along the way.
•His focus is on participation at all levels of the organization.  He is a great role model and example, having his own blog. •Focus and training are a must.
•Users default behavior is not to share, once you change this the rest is easy!
For his choice of Social Business Platform, he selected IBM Connections.    This choise was based on:
•A tool that was easy to use without the need of training
•A tool that would promote open sharing of information
•A tool that would allow to limit access to certain pieces of information if this would be required
•A tool that was easy scalable
•A tool with a low running and maintenance costs
•Users had to be able to use it without the help of It or of specialists

Social Business Coffee Break! Thank God its Monday! Social Enabling your Sales Team! #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz

October 24, 2011


Thanks for the overwhelming notes and comments on the Coffee Breaks !  I am so happy they are adding value and helping you in your company.

Please send me other topics that you’d like to see!

This week’s Social Business Coffee Break is about Social Enablement for Sales.  It is an IBM example of our use social enablement!



Social Business: Quick 3 trends I noticed in the UK #ibmsocialbiz #ibm #socbiz

October 22, 2011

I was in London all day on Friday and discovered some great trends here in UK!

  • Only 55% of UK businesses build online communities and 21% of those who do have a Social Community, depend on IT to drive it.  Those who leverage Social Communities are having great success but typically it is a joint IT/Business driven venture.   I would encourage your focus to remain on the IT / Business partnership.
  • Channel management came up consistently in the UK.   Discussions on approach are crucial:  for instance, you could target 100 new facebook fans a week, 20 online discussions on forums, etc.  OR UK companies are reviewing the Tipper view:  get 5 influential bloggers to talk about your product or company and then have them reach the masses.   This is a very sophisticated approach to the thought process.
  • Investment discussions were around Training of employees and Social listening.  Again, 2 of the key areas to drive results.  Very good direction from the UKI clients.

I didn’t have any UK companies provide me with permission yet to tell their stories — but soon!


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