Social Business Case Studies! Dutch Government Agency! #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz

October 21, 2011

While I was at the Leadership Alliance event, I met with a Dutch Govternment Agency. 

Dutch social networking usage has grown more than 70 percent since last year, and the Netherlands ranks first worldwide in Twitter and LinkedIn market penetration, according to a new social media survey. comScore Inc. (Reston, VA), a digital measurement and research firm, recently released the study, which showed that while Dutch social networking site Hyves continues to be the most popular social media venue in the Netherlands, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are extending their reach in the Dutch marketplace.

This Dutch Government Agency has deployed IBM Connections — a social networking tool – like Facebook and Twitter on Steroids for internal use.  So far they have over 5300 people leveraging the community in 2 weeks with over 200 communities.   The communities are around areas of interest like IT Support, Digital Workplace, and Emergency Response communities.   So far over 30K connections have been made and the team I met with , said the culture has already started a change based on the ability to share information so quickly!

We are hoping for more on this great story at our 2012 Social Business Forum in January in Orlando!



  1. I would first congratulate you for you great “billets” , especially that one , and i would like ask you plz if you don’t have any article about Marketing 2.0 in Entreprises , as you know Entreprises are now using Social media , and Web 2.0 free applications to sell their products , to advertise …Etc.

    Wish you good Luck
    Zaineb ( Library, information sciences and Technology students)
    Rabat, Morocco

  2. Happy to have been the project manager on this one. It’s been a challenge with impossible deadlines, but we did it in recordbreaking fashion :)

    • I have been working closely with johan on this project and yes as he said we did great things in impossible timelines ;-)

  3. And which government agency are we talking about actually ? Or is that a secret :-)

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