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Social Business Coffee Break! Hear ye! Hear ye! New Jobs! #ibmsocialbiz #socbiz #ibm #ibmpartner #ls12

This weeks Social Business Coffee Break features the new job types that Social Business will drive in the marketplace.

I find it fascinating how many jobs were created by the internet. Like web master, SEO expert, etc. SOCIAL will do the same! Love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Great to hear Social Business will create more jobs than even the internet. Exciting times indeed!

  2. Sandy, I love how you are making the connection between old and new, framing disruption (social business) within a traditional construct (job titles). This is very valuable to management who need to start thinking about how to mature their social business initiatives. Social business adoption has been steady since we met at #snc Miami 2010, and I predict it will continue to accelerate as clients are seeing great results. Well done! Cheers-

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