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Month: February 2011

What is a Social Business?

A Social Business is one that is engaging, transparent, and nimble!!!

Check out this Vlog and tell me what you think.

Social Business in the UK

I am here in London!   The internet in UK is worth 100B pounds!  It is projected to grow to 20% by 2015 of GDP. 

I saw Salvation Army’s use of Social Business with a group of youth that were brought from 80+ countries to get together to brainstorm in person and continued the discussion socially through communities.

I met with City University and saw University Professors and staff collaborating online for innovation.

I checked out  Moshi Monster based on London.  1 in 3 kids in the UK have adopted a Moshi Monster.  It is the faster growing community for kids!

In the globally connected index, UK sits at #6.

London is the top Twitter city in the world.

Have you seen this one on the Connected UK?

I cannot wait to come back and host a Social Business Breakfast in 2Q!!!

Let me hear your UK Social Business Stories!!!


Social Business Culture — What does your Business Card Say?

I am at IBM’s PartnerWorld conference in Orlando.  Of course, I was handing out business cards.  I was surprised how including my “social media” contacts caused such surprise.

I led the Social Business evangelism and sales at IBM — so shouldn’t I be on twitter, blogging, using IBM Connections inside of IBM?  Of course!!!!  

So I challenge you!  Is your business a Social Business?   If so, does your card show it?

Social Busines Jam — Jamming Away!

For the 3 days we have been jamming — or brainstorming — on how to become a Social Business.

Over 3500 people, from over 80 countries, commented over 1800 time! Some highlights day by day are below and more will be coming. I’d love your biggest take aways.

Some highlights of the most active conversations taking place on Day 1:
Sandy Carter, Vice President, IBM Social Business, Collaboration, and Lotus Sales and EvangelismEvery business needs a Social Business “GM” – This discussion gets to the importance of leadership and commitment to this new way of working

John Woodworth, Manager, 3M Lab CollaborationHow can the retired employee still contribute? – A fascinating discussion about the value of alumni participation in your business

Day 2:
Lauren Walker, IBM employeeCan you measure the ROI of social media? – An interesting debate on ‘return on investment vs return on engagement’

Scott Smith, IBMerFor the 75% who don’t post — Automated Expertise? – Is this a key enabler for social adoption?

Keith Yamashita, Chairman, SYPartners“Seeing” – It’s literally becoming harder to “see into the eyes” of customers. What does this mean for social businesses?

Sarah Siegal, IBMer
Your Anxiety Is My Serenity and Vice Versa – Oversharing vs. the “unconcerned”

Day 3:
Philip Streck, IBM Business Partner
‘How to create culture in remote companies.’ – How can we leverage social technology to build culture within an organization who’s employees never meet?

Larry Hawes, Analyst‘Middle Management’s Role in Social Business’ – How will their role evolve and are they really ‘in the middle?’

Jon Iwata, SVP, Marketing & Communications, IBM‘The “second funnel’ – How social media has put into the hands of everyone the tools of information production. Individuals have a printing press, a broadcast studio, the means to run ad campaigns, host events, organize and rally. In short, everyone has their own funnel.

What were your key take aways?   Sandy

Location based usage at Lotusphere! Check it out. Gowalla #ls11

At Lotusphere this year, we are leveraging Location Based services to attract more emphasis on our offerings, have fun, and showcase the social business aspects that we are highlighting here in Orlando!

IBM has teamed with Gowalla to make the most out of Lotusphere!!! It lets you connect with your friends and business colleagues. and checkin throughout the hotels and sites here in Orlando to let others know where you are, find out where
others are meeting and plan trips to your favorite sessions like mine I hope on Wed from 10-11 in the Swan 5. (shameless plug there!)

There are a whole set of fun incentives like badges for our partners, most sessions, and most eaten!! These On-site fun incentives will create an awareness of location based services and create experimentation … one of the best ways to get started as a social business!

If you are here with us, here’s how you get going!!!
Here’s how to get started:
1. Install Gowalla on your mobile device. (See
2. Sign up and connect with your friends and colleagues.
3. Bookmark Lotusphere on Location trips for a selection of must-see spots while at the conference. There are 9 Lotusphere trips you can complete to earn pins.
4. Then, as you visit each of these spots, check in to show where you are. You’ll earn custom pins as you complete trips and visit more and more spots.
5. Add your photos so others can see what you are up to.
6. When you complete 3 trips, stop by one of the Social Cafes and show us and you can collect Gowalla Items IRL too! (while supplies last)

Have fun in the world of Social Business. I’ll post results after the conference!!! And learned!