Social Business Culture — What does your Business Card Say?

February 15, 2011

I am at IBM’s PartnerWorld conference in Orlando.  Of course, I was handing out business cards.  I was surprised how including my “social media” contacts caused such surprise.

I led the Social Business evangelism and sales at IBM — so shouldn’t I be on twitter, blogging, using IBM Connections inside of IBM?  Of course!!!!  

So I challenge you!  Is your business a Social Business?   If so, does your card show it?


  1. I do not hand out cards anymore if at all possible. With all the smartphones I use social business card services like http://eee.am/IdoNotes or even just “throw” my card, Pokens and Bump. No paper.

    At Lotusphere I had a QR code with all my info on it. A quick scan and they could see my webpage, add me as a contact and more.

  2. Don’t confuse your personal social media and company. Yes in many cases it is one, but it can also not be one, purposely.
    For years I posted IM details, blog details and other items. But unless one can “claim” their moniker/name on every site there is no good way to put it all on a business card.
    Best to point everyone to one location that covers all your contact options. This may be your blog, your personal website or a company directory.

  3. I agree! Put my blog, facebook fan, community page, twitter handles @IBMCliff, @IBMSysxBlade and @cliffkinard on my BCard almost 1 year ago. Used the back of our IBM card to maximize coverage :-).

  4. Hi Sandy! What a great post! Over the course of the years I have changed my business card from the paper one with all of the traditional fields filled in to one that I feel very proud of, since it makes me go green, and still keep in touch with folks. Yes, here is what my business card has been over the last few years: Google me (Luis Suarez) :)

  5. Sandy, Sorry I missed visiting w/you at PartnerWorld you are such an in demand person.

    Wanted to agree with already posted ideas:
    1. Using one main or central contact point where people can find out about you, see what you are doing and get contact info – I use LinkedIn for this regularly.
    2. Still use paper cards – People like to get something in their hand. Also allows me to write a note on the back to personalize “the moment”
    3. As much as possible keep business and personal separate or you can get overwhelmed

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