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Social Business in the UK

I am here in London!   The internet in UK is worth 100B pounds!  It is projected to grow to 20% by 2015 of GDP. 

I saw Salvation Army’s use of Social Business with a group of youth that were brought from 80+ countries to get together to brainstorm in person and continued the discussion socially through communities.

I met with City University and saw University Professors and staff collaborating online for innovation.

I checked out  Moshi Monster based on London.  1 in 3 kids in the UK have adopted a Moshi Monster.  It is the faster growing community for kids!

In the globally connected index, UK sits at #6.

London is the top Twitter city in the world.

Have you seen this one on the Connected UK?

I cannot wait to come back and host a Social Business Breakfast in 2Q!!!

Let me hear your UK Social Business Stories!!!



  1. Hey Sandy! Shame to miss you – where have you been over here? Would have been great to catch up.

    Can you update to the very latest Tweetdeck and disable that stupid option? It destroys your tweets and means I rarely get your meaning anymore.

  2. The #LotusBeers crowd missed you on Wednesday night.

    —* Bill

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