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Answering some of your WATSON questions! Summary of Watson Announcements

Happy Monday!    Yes I am at NRF today but see the breadth of questions coming in from IBM’s announcements last week on Watson so I would like to summarize in a blog post!

With the introduction of the new Watson group comes a host of supporting activity including a new headquarters in Silicon Alley section of New York, over 2500 professionals staffing and over a Billion dollars in funding.

•We’ve added two new offerings also announced today further expand our cognitive portfolio:
1. The IBM Watson Discovery Advisor will discover connections within Big Data to help organizations speed up research and bring new innovations to market.
2. IBM Watson Analytics will revolutionize how business users—from C-level to front-line—discover, visualize and share Big Data insights.
•We’re continuing investment in research to push the boundaries of cognitive systems
•And we’re continuing to push the Ecosystem initiative forward with direct investment in partnerships and moving toward additional partners within the program!
Watson Announcements

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  1. Valeria Bevilacqua

    What would be your advise for people, like me, who is willing to work in this new Watson organization? Is this Business unit going to have presence WW or is still limited to USA?

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