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Fluid at NRF! Check out their Watson Retail Solution!

At NRF, Ginni Rometty discussed the use of cognitive for Retailers.   On the Main Event, she talked about an application that our IBM Partner Fluid has built to take advantage of this use of cognitive in the retail space. I had the great pleasure of meeting with them on Monday!

Fluid, which builds online shopping experiences for retail businesses to drive customer engagement and conversion, is developing the Fluid Expert Personal Shopper(sm) powered by IBM Watson. The app calls upon Watson’s ability to understand the nuances of human language and uncover answers from Big Data. Consumers who use Fluid’s app will interact with rich media and dialogue with Watson, as their newfound “cognitive, expert personal shopper.” The Fluid app incorporates the information users share and questions they ask to help them make smart, satisfying purchases by putting a knowledgeable sales associate in the hands of consumers, on demand!

On stage, she mentioned David Jones leveraging this new paradigm!

See how cognitive can assist Retail in this use of data in a cognitive way!


  1. Do you mean I could go into Walmart and actually have a knowledgeable artificial sales person help me with choosing the best router for my motel?

  2. FLUID rocks! We are thrilled to have them joining us on stage at our entrepreneurship anchor event, IBM SmartCamp Finals in San Francisco on Feb 6. If you haven’t already, check out the agenda for the day and register to secure your place. It’s free to attend so invite your networks – all who share a passion for entrepreneurship are welcome.

  3. What is “cognitive”? Is it a new IBM product? I hope so or this makes absolutely no sense.

    • Sandy Carter

      January 17, 2014 at 7:18 am

      Matt: Cognitive is teaching a computer how to think, remember, decide, and perceive. It is part of AI. We do have a set of Cognitive products but cognitive is quite a new trend in this Analytics space.

  4. Can Watson be used to help airline company to plan their flight schedules? Can Watson be used to help a low budget airline company to co-ordinate additional sales (hotels, car rental, event offers etc…) ? If so I have one client who ordered over 200 airplanes from Boeing and Airbus. This company is great as they want people to be able to fly cheap across whole world for “pocket money” but in new and safest airplanes ever built.

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