Sunday’s Thought: Take Time out for those things that matter!

October 20, 2013

Just a simple post.  Given I am sitting around a lot with a broken leg and recovering from such a tramatic accident in Brazil, I have more time to think.

Things that I just wouldn’t have had the time for back when I could travel (and walk!!!) are getting done! For instance, I am going deeper with my kids on their homework and learning more about them as people.

My friends and I can really sit and have tea (I don’t drink coffee!) and discuss deeper topics.   Even my dog is loving having me around more.

I have more time for my clients and partners as I am doing video conferencing — listening and talking more since I don’t have all that travel time!

So I am soul searching a a bit on a few topics but know that my journey through this broken leg will definitely allow me to always in the future take time out for those things that matter the most!



  1. Much good can come from slowing your life down & being mindful of social relationships. Seligman, founder of positive psychology, found relationships between mindfulness and social intelligence. The single-pointed attention associated with mindfulness, when directed to another individual, may cause that individual to feel cared for and respected. Perceived care and respect, awareness of communication subtleties and nonverbal behaviors, and moderation of affect expression, may all explain the relationship between mindfulness and social intelligence. Bringing mindfulness to tasks- deep awareness and listening, being present in the moment and non-judging- more & more is entering the corporate world.
    IBM Australia is piloting a Smiling Mind app currently.

    • Leith! Thanks so much for your words. I am finding that there is a lot of good here and keep looking for more! I’d love to see more on what you guys are doing down under!!!!

  2. Learning to really listen to the important people in our lives and to live in the present with them is such a gift.

    • You are so right!

  3. Sometimes the bad things in our lives are used for good — to help us refocus, regroup, and put first things first. That said, I do hope you heal quickly, and remember this as a period of growth.

    • Yes you are right on the money!

  4. I agree, once in a while we should have off-sites with ourselves to dig deep into things that matter to us and plan our roadmap to steer ourselves in the right direction.

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