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Social Selling! Best Practice of Engagement!

Have a great cup of coffee and enjoy this week’s Social Business Coffee Break!

Today we are continuing our series on Social Selling.  Thank you so much for the great response to date!

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  1. Hi sandy,

    Just loved the series your doing on social selling. We @VALVESOLUTIONS have built a B2B digital marketing platform with over 10000+ global members across our social media channels over the last 3 years. Our members are key prospects at various levels in the buying cycle. Our platform has a niche focus across business verticals in manufacturing, industrial automation, process automation, Oil and Gas, Energy, Petrochemicals & Pharma. We reach roughly 1000,000+ global audience each month. We are now offering our services to SME’s in the tech space (software, bigdata, cloud,mobile etc) that want immediate impact across these verticals. would love to connect with you and the possibility to partner with IBM.



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