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6 Minutes on Wednesday: Social Focus

Take 6 minutes today to plan your social approach!

Minute 1:    I am known for (two to four things) today. By this time next year, I want to be known for (two to four more things)

Minute 2:   My public visibility program includes: x, y, and z .  Examples:  Buy Google URL, Jump into LinkedIn:, Blog – Be Brave and start one! ,     Tweet!

Minute 3:  Grow a core community of enthusiasts to:   Build a loyal brand army that makes your success their cause, Harness their goodwill to generate insight, Increase your engagement in important conversations

Minute 4:  Examination:  Is social media right for your business? Is your community online? Find out which platforms they prefer and what they need from you.

Minute 5:  Engagement: How can you bring value to the conversation? What can you add that will engage your target audience & influencers?

Minute 6:  Execution & Experimentation:  You need a plan. Start small, but have a roadmap for engagement and experimentation short/long term. Remember that even experimentation is a process – you must have anticipated outcomes and be systematic.


  1. dunksr

    Hi, I’ve taken the plunge and have been actively involved in social media for the last two weeks. There are two huge benefits I have found

    1) Being immersed in the ‘stream’ of twitter information has sparked off lots of new ideas, many of which I have used at work and to chat to my clients.

    2) Blogging about them has forced me to write them down, and to crystallise them in to a coherent message.

    All I need to do now is make sure it doesn’t take over my life 🙂

    • Sandy Carter

      Very cool usage!!!! Keep me posted.

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