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Social Business in the (Smart) Cloud! #cloud #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #ls12


I have been doing a lot of work with mid size businesses lately wanted to become Social Businesses.   There is a great way to get started with a SmartCloud for Social Business!  Check it out!

We (IBM) just launched a new, streamlined web site where anyone can learn more about IBM SmartCloud for Social Business.

What’s especially exciting is that you can now purchase IBM SmartCloud offerings directly through this web site, from 25 countries across the globe, 24 hours a day. With just a few simple steps and a credit card,companies of all sizes can get up and running with our award-winning email, web meeting, and online collaboration tools. IBM’s e-commerce tool provides flexible billing options to meet your needs, and you can add more accounts and services as you need them. It’s never been easier to do business with IBM.

Click here to see our packages and “Buy Online”


  1. We’ve incorporated IBM’s SmartCloud into our hosted Unified Communications solution – UCbyDFC. One thing we have found is the comfort level that people have when they find out that the platform is hosted by IBM. It seems to surprise people, in a pleasant way, when discussing the cloud that IBM has an offering and that it’s reasonably priced.

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