Social Business Coffee Break! Transparency is key to Success! See it in TD Bank! #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #tdbank

April 2, 2012

Today’s Social Business Coffee Break is on the value that Social brings to every business!  Transparency is essential in a successful Social Business!

Transparent is defined as being:  Open and with a propensity to freely share skills, knowledge, and talent, and always learning. One who is transparent therefore believes that there should be no boundaries between experts inside the company and experts in the marketplace. Transparency embraces the tools and leadership models that support capturing knowledge and insight from many sources, allowing for quick sensing of changes in customer mood, employee sentiment, or process efficiencies. It utilizes analytics and social connections inside and outside the company to solve business problems and capture new business opportunities.

See how TD Bank puts this into practice!


  1. Hi Sandy, thanks for sharing the TD story. Our internal network grew to 1million connections yesterday! We’re seeing everyday more examples of how a culture of transparency can be amplified by leveraging social as part of the business process and how this helps teams collaborate in new ways to get things done.

    • Wendy .. you are welcome! You guys are truly a best practice in transparent. Thanks for setting the bar for the industry!

  2. Very interesting Sandy. simply things can be very effective.

    • I agree! I love Mark Twain’s quote that says something like …. I would have written a simpler book if I’d had more time!

  3. Hi, where do you see this kind of transparency and use of social at IBM?

    • Many places! In Connections today — many topics and suggestions were suggested and debated openly! We do open ideation and again, no just debate ideas internally but also with clients and partners. !!!!

  4. […] Sandy Carter: Transparency is key to Success! See it in TD Bank! […]

  5. […] Sandy Carter: Transparency is key to Success! See it in TD Bank! […]

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