What does this have to do with being Social?   Well, Social is about a relationship and this is a personal favorite list of mine!  Have fun!

1.  Cookies from Honolulu Cookies !  (especially the Cocunut!)

2.  5 Guys Burgers

3.  Chick Filet Nuggets

4.  Diet Dr Pepper

5.  Watermelon

6.   LaMaison du Chocolat 

7.  Danone Yogurt from Europe only!

8.  Bassetts Jelly Babies 

9.  Organic veggies from Kittle House

10.  Pasteis de Nata, wonderful soft, sweet, custard tarts from Portugal

11.   My homemade ‘hot’ salsa

12.  My mom’s potato pancakes (recipe from Lithuania!)