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Top 12 in 2012 Social Business Conferences #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #ls12 #connect12

Yes, I know there appears to be more than 12 — but Enterprise 2.0 is there in both locations as is SMSS in muliples. What am I missing?  Especially outside the US?


  1. Hi Sandy, I would add the Enterprise 2.0 Summit (7-8 Feb, Paris) and the round of Social Business Summit events by the Dachis Group (worldwide from Feb to Sept)

  2. Thanks for gathering the list together.

    Here’s two for the European list.

    Like Minds. Oct (dates to be confirmed) as is

    Learning Technologies. 25-26 Jan.

  3. Social Business Summits run by Dachis Group in 7 cities

  4. Sandy Carter

    January 5, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    Super!!! many thanks.

  5. Consider OVUM Enterprise Collaboration Linking Social, Mobile & Cloud, 26-27 June, 2012, London,

  6. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for the list! Do you think it would be appropriate to include some tech conferences as part of your Social Business conference list?

    Shavawn Morgan

  7. You’ve іncrediƅle info listed here.

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