My 12 Things I am Looking forward to at #IBM’s Connect Event! THE Social Event of the YEAR! #socbiz #ls12 #ibmconnect

January 6, 2012

Here you go!!!

Continuing my list of 12s for the week!

1.    The BP day on Sunday.  Why?  I love Business Partners!   They have energy, passion and play such role in Social Success!  Reminder – OGS for BPs is at LUNCHTIME this year — not morning!  Energy level Up Up UP!!

2.   The OGS on Monday.  Why?  So much yellow, so much energy, and the surprise guest speaker.   I love surprises and energy!

3.  The TweetUps!    I think Tweet Ups are super fun because you meet people you “know” through Twitter!  What is better?

4.  The Australia Day Party on Tuesday Night.  Ok, I admit,  I didn’t know what it was until last year.  But now?  How can you miss it?

5.  Clients Clients Clients!    I love the number of client presentations, client meetings (I think I am fully booked) and client interactions at the water fountain in the Dolphin!

6.  The Weather!  Yes, I am a southern girl .. so warm weather is my fav! 

7.   The Super Women’s Group Meeting on Wed at 6;15PM.  We are hosting a Super Woman’s Group meeting for all us Business and Tech Savvy Woman at the event. Also our first C suite Lunch on Tuesday Noon.  If you didn’t get an invite, please tweet, comment, or email me at scarter@us.ibm.com.  Connect with other great C Suite Woman!

8.  Receptions, receptions, receptions.    There are receptions from Perficient, Prolifics, Ascendant, On 24, and on and on !  Party!

9.  All meetings at the Yacht and Beach club.    No, not really.

10.   Celebrating New Year’s with the Awesome Social Business IBM Sales team!  Enough said!  Could you ask for more?

11.  Hearing Jeffrey Gitomer, Guy Kawasaki,  Bill Taylor – Fast Company’s Founding Sr Editor.   Wow !  What a roundup!

12.  Seeing Social and Portal People everywhere!    I LOVE Social Business and Media but love meeting the “real” thing too!   I love those who love it too!  Come and find me!!!


  1. Lotusphere was a fun business event. But then their were tons of stressed out IBMers, and it started being a meeting marathon.

    • Well I hope you see something that echos business and fun! We’ve focussed on great content, business leaders speaking about transformation, great technical content and lot of fun. Let me know how it goes at the end! Come and see me!

  2. […] to check out (and hang out for a while before, during and after the event!), communities to join, blog posts, podcasting episodes, live tweets, plusses, articles, various press releases, and whatever […]

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