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Social Business: Lifecasting, Crowdsourcing, and ?! #socbiz #

Thinking through the “uses” of social, the list below came from a worksession in DC where we were more focused on the use of Social Tools vs just the Tool itself.!

Did we leave anything out? 

  • Lifecasting – like blogs where you document your activities or thoughts
  • Crowdsourcing – like ideation –> innovating!
  • Gaming Dynamics — to make everyting funner!
  • Real time communication — the  most common I think! like IBM connections, Twitter, Facebook!
  • Social Commerce like groupon, Gilt — Timed offers that will run out if the group doesn’t come together!
  • Social Review – going shopping with your 1000 best friends!  Like amazon, yelp, tripadvisor!
  • File/Content Sharing – like Slideshare and Youtube!

Questions that you should think through!

  1. In what ways is your company doing a great job of unleashing human potential to creat value
  2. Which human drives or behaviors patterns could you tap into more?
  3. What are your greatest opportunities?
  4. Which social Tech can help you amplify and accelerate those opportunities?
  5. How will you activate your organization an dothers to do this?

Social Business: Future of Marketing 2.0 Challenge! #socbiz #ibmsocialbiz #icsfsa

I cannot wait for the Future of Marketing today at July 28th at 1pm ET (10am PT/6pm BST).   The event kicks off the story of Sarah DeLash, a fictional senior marketer who’s trying to reinvent her brand for a rapidly evolving world. 

Sarah’s challenge: to launch an integrated marketing campaign, across multiple channels and platforms, that not only engages customers and stakeholders in a real-time conversation–but also grows the business at the same time.

See how the experts like Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, and Brian Solis, and brands such as American Express, IBM, Coca-Cola, provide her advice!!!  In VIDEO!!!! 

To register, go here:

Social Business: What does it mean to be HUMAN and SOCIAL?! #socbiz #getsocial11 #icsfsa

I am here in DC with Keith Yamashita and SY Partners!

With a group of companies, he led us through the What does it mean to be human and social!?  The bottom line:  Don’t fight both!  You are human — don’t lose that when you go online!!

We first answered a question “If you were with friends, and told a joke that hurt someone. How would you respond?   When would you respond?   and “How would your friends feel?”  No one finds this difficult because you are “human”.

However when we walk through the doors of the office and we forget these basic rules.   Being Responsive, Quick, heartfelt is important.  We know how to respond.  

Why do we change in the social media world?

The example they gave was from J&J, where when they launched their Motrin campaign offended moms.  The Moms took to Twitter, Facebook, and mommy blogs.  This continued through the weekend, and Motrin did not respond until Monday, when it removed the ad, and released a statement that Seth Godwin commited sounded like “it had been put together by a committee.”


1.  People Gossip and Listen to Gossip! We are expressing this same behavior from the 17th century but social is amplifying it. 

2.  People want recognition.  Example – Foursquare with the badges.

3.  people seek outlets for their creativity.   Youtube example with 6M people watching someone build a lego version of Marion on video!

4.  People define themselves by the groups they belong to.    Networks of people.

5.  People fiercely defend their beliefs.  Example:  Nestle campaign about the “proposed” deforestation.

6.  People seek redress for their grievances.  People want to restore a sense of equity. Example:  Maytag from mommy bloggers.

7.  People join forces with strangers to achieve a common goal.  Example:  Raising money for Haiti online.

8.  People defy authority.  Example:   LibyanYouthMovement fueled the “gathering” in the streets.

9.  People try to make boring sites fun.  Example:  Keos healthcase game.


Social Business: David Beats Goliath #socibiz #ls11 #getsocial11

I had asked my team to share with me stories where they had leverage Social Tools.   Here’s a pretty cool real world example of that philosophy in action told to me in Dallas Texas by Duffy Fron!


“David beat Goliath in Cary, NC this week” – that was the headline after a small band of concerned citizens blocked the US Government from operating an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center adjacent to a NC neighborhood.

This small band of citizens was able to do so much in so little time because we used social software to inform and mobilize an army of people to call and e-mail their Congressmen and Senators. Using Social Software such as Twitter, Facebook, and a Portal website ( our community successfully blocked the US Government’s plans. The GSA posted a press release on July 12th informing us of their decision to terminate their current SFO in Cary, NC This press release came out exactly three weeks from the day that we vowed to stop this project.

What makes something like this work in speaking your mind? 

  • Multiple networks assisting in the message
  • Someone is listening ( i tweeted with 1000’s about US Air incident – and no response!)
  • Don’t give up — more than just one or two articles blogged, or tweets

What else? How can you help others use this media to make a differnce?

Social Business Word of the Day! #socbiz #getsocial11

Today’s Social Business Word of the day is Tipper.  It is one of my favorite because if you do know know who your tippers are, then your efforts in social will not be as effective as they could be.

Tipper.  Someone who influences the rest of the clients and potential clients online and offline, usually about 5% to 10% of your product’s or category’s population.

Who is a tipper?  Those who have the most influence on YOUR market.

Some common ways to determine your Tippers:

How do you find your Tippers?

Social Business: Do you see anything missing?! #socbiz #icsfsa

Do you see anything missing from this truck?




Businesses are changing how they communicate with their customers. The telephone, an email address, and even a web site URL are often being replaced with social networking icons, near-universal symbols that direct customers to interact with a business via Facebook and LinkedIn, or to reach out and ask questions via Twitter. This transformational shift in how businesses communicate will have a profound impact on the Social Business requirements to effectively communicate, inside and outside the corporate firewall.

What changes have you made in your communications as a Social Business!!!


Social Detox?! #socbiz #ibmpartner #ibm #getsocial11 #icssfa

This past weekend I watched a segment on Social Detox.   What is Social Detox?  It is about “you” giving up all your “devices” like your iphone, ipad, computer, and gaming platforms and go to the “real” world!

According to a recent survey by American Express, 79% of travelers expect to remain connected to their mobile devices on their next vacation. Among those planning to check email, 68% say they will do so for work.

Oops that’s me!   I did try to give up my Tweeting for Lent but it just didn’t work. So I gave up chocalate instead.  Much easier!

As I dug around, I found that some hotels have introduced “digital detox” packages that offer discounts to customers who forgo using smartphones and laptops during their stay, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Among the hotels offering such packages: the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel, the Hotel Monaco Chicago, the Quincy in Washington, D.C., the Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa in Teton Village, Wyo. and the Lake Placid Lodge in Lake Placid, N.Y.

Has anyone gone to one?! I’d love to hear about it!


Social Business: “If all U.S. Internet Time was Condensed in 1 Hour” #getsocial #icsfsa #socbiz

I found this quite interesting!  If all US Internet Time was condensed into an hour. The fastest growing usages would be:

1.  Social Networks/Blogs

2.  Portals

3.  Instant Messaging

4.  Games

Social Business: Monday Word of the Week! #socbiz #icsfsa #getsocial11 #ibm

Happy Monday!

This is our series on Monday of new Social Business Words, that didn’t exist before Social came on the scene!  At the end of the series, I will share a full glossary of terms for your use!

Today’s term is one of my favorites!  Social Business Digital Council!

A Social Business Digital Council is a cross-organizational body (marketing, HR, product development, supply chain, customer service, and more). In the most successful cases, it is cochaired by a line of business and IT. The mission is to explore best practices to share and replicate in the company. In addition, the Council should help craft the Social Computing Guidelines, set up a content activation strategy, create a Risk Management and Reputation Management plan, and provide guidance. It is not set up to be a blocker of social tools and techniques but rather a promoter of Social Business for competitive advantage.

How many of you have Digital Councils?   I ran a Digital Council at IBM for our IBM SOA Group, and am on a few as a guest of my clients.  I’d love ot hear what yours looks like and how successful it is! 


Social Business – First of a Kind Twitter TownHall! #socbiz #getsocial11 #ibm

Last week, President Obama hosted a TWITTER Town Hall Meeting, a first of it’s kind. 


Tens of thousands of questions were tweeted to #AskObama on Twitter about the economy, health care and other important issues. The response was amazing.”

Goals of the Twitter Town Hall –

1.Amplify the president’s message by making it available in “these new spaces”
2.Make the White House more accessible to people by answering their questions
3.Increase participation in government by using different venues
What did you think about this new use of the Social Tools?!
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