Social Business: Do you see anything missing?! #socbiz #icsfsa

July 21, 2011

Do you see anything missing from this truck?




Businesses are changing how they communicate with their customers. The telephone, an email address, and even a web site URL are often being replaced with social networking icons, near-universal symbols that direct customers to interact with a business via Facebook and LinkedIn, or to reach out and ask questions via Twitter. This transformational shift in how businesses communicate will have a profound impact on the Social Business requirements to effectively communicate, inside and outside the corporate firewall.

What changes have you made in your communications as a Social Business!!!



  1. I was amazed on a recent visit to NY, I saw ice cream trucks with follow us on twitter! Fantastic

    • Send pics to me!!!!

  2. Sandy, they need their twitter handle and FaceBook Url :-)

    Also, the G+ is missing for me.

  3. Business cards next?

    • Yes, Twitter is on my business card but email still there too! I think you are right?!!!!

  4. I’m sending one from a mall here in Minnesota (they are an IBM customer by the way ;-). I had to ask an employee to get a pic for me The front door, as you can see, was updated last week. Caught me by surprise when I saw it, had to smile…

    • Great!!!!!

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    • Thank you for this tip. I will explore.

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