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Video Blog: Teaching binary to Toddlers! Is it important for all to Code?

Why are fewer people graduating with a technical degree (12% today vs 37% in 1984)?  Why should you care?

Listen to this video blog to see how people are starting to train their kids earlier on how to code because of the upcoming importance to ALL on the power of coding!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!


  1. Just the thing I was looking for to start with my son. Being an IT professional, I always gets perplexed as to where to begin.

    Gonna grab that book !

  2. This was totally inspiring to me because I work with using bitwise functions to compute music in terms of sets of binary states (rest and non rest) of tones and beats, and statements about them, ( I had thought that introducing binary to children would meet resistance. But this approach is brilliant and necessary to continue the effects of the digital revolution beyond physical devices. Thanks

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