Country music has all (3 of) the Social Business Answers! Crowdsource more!

December 17, 2013

Country music has all the Social Business Answers!

Yes, I confess, I LOVE country music.  How could you not living in Texas?  I two-stepped my way through a good part of my life!   As I was crooning to some tunes today, I noticed that country songs really teach great social lessons.

Top 3 Lessons From Country Songs and lyrics!

1.  Blame it all on my roots, showed up in my boots.
This lesson is all about being real.  Yes, I have shown up to a wedding in hidden cowboy boots!  In Social, you need to showcase your brand’s personality.    You can’t buy attention anymore. Having a huge budget doesn’t mean anything in social media…The old paradigm was pay to play. Now you get back what you authentically put in. You’ve got to be willing to play to play.  To really do well in Social, you must be Authenticate.   Wear your boots!!!

2. If the Phone Don’t Ring, It’s Me Not Calling You Up
Be an active participant.    Those who comment are looking for information and engagement.  Engagement with your active participants is about pulling them into more active involvement with your brand.   An Active participant is someone that comments, rates, or authors content in a social networking system on a regularly basis.  By communicating with these important folks regularly , you can build your brand army.  Your brand army is a group of unpaid and paid advocates (that is, your employees!) that engage on behalf of your brand is invaluable.   So ring that phone and answer!  Do both!

3,  Love Me Like My Dog Does.

Yes, your dog loves you no matter what!  They engage you — and jump up and down if you just walk in the door.   How do you respond to your clients?   What’s your engagement and connection?  Your emotional connection with your client or employee usually created by exceptional experiences that are integrated, interactive and identifying.  A Social Business  connects people to expertise. It connects individuals whether customers, partners or employees as networks of people to generate new sources of innovation, foster creativity, and establish greater reach and exposure to new business opportunities. It establishes a foundational level of trust across these business networks and thus a willingness to openly share information, developing a deeper sense of loyalty among customers and employees. It empowers these networks with the collaborative, gaming and analytical tools needed to engage each other and creatively solve business challenges.

I know there are more!  Share another one with me while I 2-step away!!!

One comment

  1. Great analysis! Makes me want to listen to country music again : )

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