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GET BOLD, Live Social !

My favorite Get Bold readers!!

A few weeks ago I had the privilege and pleasure of speaking (virtually!) at the Women’s Toolbox Conference that took place in Beverly, Massachusetts. I gave the attendees some of my favorite tips on how to integrate social into their business strategies, and they also received complimentary copies of my book Get Bold–because that’s exactly what I want them to do!

Then I challenged my readers to go online and let the world know if they are really ready to #GETBOLD with their business. They did a great job declaring how they plan to #GETBOLD! Here are some of my favorites:

I will Get Bold in my business by building the sales engine. We provide high quality language translation services and we need to get the word out about us. The sales engine will include top people, clear metrics, and increased sales.Wendy Pease  Rapport International –      

I will Get Bold in my business by nurturing my communities, sharpening my skills, and helping fellow entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd through smart, targeted marketing!  Sandra Larking   Metaphor Maven –    

I will Get Bold in my business by being open and honest about my own experience of being $50,000 in credit card debt to help others learn how to get out of debt, think of debt differently and make sure they never get back into debt.   Maureen Campaiola  The Debt Free Project –   

I will Get Bold in my business by Imagining. Clarifying. Executing.Helping emerging women entrepreneurs generate six-figure incomes by managing conflict and doing business like a woman ..She E.O [not CEO]  Deborah Thorne  The Information Diva –  


  1. WomensToolbox (@WomensToolbox)

    Thank you Sandy for inspiring so many to #GETBOLD with their business!!! Your book is filled with great advice how to do it and your keynote at the Women’s Toolbox conference was filled with the inspiration many needed to get it done! thank you!!!

  2. sandramavenlarkin

    Reblogged this on The Metaphor Maven and commented:
    It was great to hear Sandy Carter speak…she really understands how social media is transforming the business landscape, and how to make that fact work for your business. Check out her book, Get Bold, and find out for yourself.

    • Sandy Carter

      Thank you! Let me know what I can do to assist?

  3. Maureen Campaiola

    Thank you so much Sandy for choosing my #GETBOLD statement! You’re book is an eye opener for me and I’m excited to be able to take what I am learning and apply in my business. Thanks for writing such a great book filled with content I can use!

    • Sandy Carter

      Congrats!!!!!!! And I cannot wait for our meeting!

  4. wendypease

    I’m enjoying your book and finding applications for my business. I look forward to our meeting. #GETBOLD!

  5. The Information Diva

    I am so honored! Thank you Sandy for selecting my #GetBold statement. To all the She E.O.’s (Successful Healthy Enlightened Entrepreneurial Overachievers): Imagine. Clarify. Execute.

    • Sandy Carter


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