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Characteristics of Mobile Leaders

I was just reading a survey completed by 601 Companies (301 Mature Countries, 300 Growth Countries) that was supported by IBM’s research partner, Oxford Economics .  It was done globally with respondents from 29 countries.

Here’s the leadership characteristics for mobile leaders:

1.   Leaders build apps that unlock core business knowledge for mobile uses.  They exceled 2:1 at integrating systems with mobile and are more efficient with app security than non leaders.

2.  Leaders manage mobile optimize performance and efficiency.  They are more than 2X likely to adopt BYOD and ensure speed!

3.  Leaders use insights to engage their clients whereever they are.  They are 2x more effective at taking action from mobile data.

4.  Leaders are using mobile to transform the way they do business.   They are 2X more likely to drive strong ROI.   For example, NS Shopping transformed their customer experience with mobile and analytics technologies.


  1. sabithkhan

    Engagement seems to be the key!

    • Sandy Carter

      Yes for sure with Clients!!! Mobile is such a great engagement tool.

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