Woo Hoo!

I am tingling as I use our new Notes 9 Social edition!  Not because it is a next release of Notes, but because it is an amazing Social tool!  It is Social Mail — here today!

Some people think e-mail has always been social, and others say email and social are like oil and water.

I think it’s a mix!   And that’s why I love it!  My husband says I like my cake and eat it too!  So with Social Mail I can do both — have mail and social!

Social mail is the seamless integration of everything — all your collaboration tools — where and when you want them. Often, that’s alongside your inbox.

And I mean everything.  All the new & cool social stuff like Profiles, communities, file sharing, real time audio and video communications, presence and more, all right there.  And I mean your desktop applications; your public social networks; your Tweets; and your other business applications.  All together. No switching, stopping, or waiting.

But social mail is is also about the integration of messaging into those other applications– shouldn’t my desire to communicate be freed from the boundaries of a traditional email client application?  Social mail is about having access any time & anywhere — on my PC, my phone, my tablet, on my desktop, and even in the cloud.

Social mail lets me focus on my idea or the business problem I need to solve.  Ultimately, a social mail experience is about empowering people to collaborate seamlessly and in context, so you forget about managing email and just get work done.