Lessons from the “Little Drummer Boy” Christmas Carol for Social Media-ists! Consistency Rocks! #ibmconnect #ibmsocialbiz #socbiz

December 14, 2012

The Little Drummer Boy Christmas song was written in 1958.   According to Carols.Org, the lyrics of Little Drummer Boy consist of no less than 21 rum pum pum pum’ – a major part of the song! Even with the repetition , the Little Drummer Boy has been a huge hit for several artists.

Consistency.  Consistency has been a mandate for marketing for years.    Does it matter in Social?

I think yes!  Some people just tweet out new content all the time.  But there is value in consistency of message in your Tweets, Facebook, and communities.  Consistency does not just mean your are posting a certain number of times a day, every day.  It  does refer to your brand, Point of View, and voice. 

  •  Are you saying things the same way in your social interactions?
  • Is the content consisten with your brand value? 
  • Are you constantly changing your Point of View ?   

I loved this quote from Katie Wagner:  “Staying consistent is extremely important, because if you attract a fan or follower for being one way, but then are suddenly doing something different the next day, and the day after that is different from the previous two, then your new connection will be confused and refuse to engage, or worse, disconnect from you altogether.”

The elements of Consistency .. like that rum pum pum pum is critical!!

  • Consistency builds trust.  Trust is crucial in anyone sharing and supporting your brand.  Your brand army is built on trust as its foundation.  Seeing something many times, like a familiar face, creates a comfortable, stable, and secure feeling.
  • Consistency builds relationship.   Lack of consistency can kill a relationship.  Keep in mind that relationships are intricate, and actions always cause reactions.  If we stop doing the things that our clients,  appreciated or relied on, we should expect a negative reaction.
  • Consistency builds interest.  Cnsistent, premium output is key to earning and maintaining audience interest.

Social Content marketing consistency wins long-term results!

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