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Happy Halloween!!! This is what scares me on Social! #ibmsocialbiz #socbiz #ibm #ls13

Happy Halloween!    This is what scares me on Social!!!

1.  Anyone who says ” I want a Social Presence because I read about it on the plane!”
This view of social presence is spooky as it shows lack of understanding about social! I heard from so many CEOs or Senior Leaders that they want a social presence just because of their airplane reading!    Social is valuable but only if you know how it can help your business goals and really have a culture that is ready to transform!

2.  Senior leaders who say “I am opting out of Social”
Really?  How ?   Will you send a note to your clients asking them not to talk about you? This statement (which was said to me) sends shivers up my spine as you cannot opt out of social.  In fact, it is riskier to “opt out” and ignore social, than to be active in the discussion!

3.  People who use Social as a sales or marketing channel only.
Please slay the vampire!   Social is about a relationship.  It is not about selling and marketing.  The relationship makes selling and marketing easier because you have listened, and had the clients become active in your company and products.   But don’t use this as a traditional channel.


  1. When someone does not see the value of a LinkedIn profile, it is truly scary. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, you are like a ghost; no one can see you because you are invisible. If you say “Boo!” no one will know because you have no connections. Happy Halloween!

  2. What’s really scary, is when people use LinkedIn connections to spam you with their latest marketing offer! Facebook unfortunately has a lot of that and I’ve had to de-friend or block people sending unending blather about their products. Then when the group complains, that “friend”/spammer defends their posts by claiming it’s “education”! I’m hoping that LinkedIn doesn’t degenerate into that. So absolutely please, please, please slay that vampire that Sandy’s point #3 discusses.

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