With the Social Business world tour, I went Down Under to discuss social.  Again, the interest level has grown tremendously since last year!   While I was here, I saw the new report, The Global impact investment market study by JP Morgan, and the Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN).  It showed that  investors see the social enterprise as a market ‘in its infancy and growing’ with almost $ 4 billion planned for investment in 2012.

I loved working with the team in Australia on the Social Business!  But while at a client dinner,  I learned that many of my favorite Australian brands are actually no longer Australia!!!   Um……!   Really did you know that Aussie Shampoo is actually British! Also since my daughter loves Cody Simpson’s music (he is from the Gold Coast), learned that he is unknown in Australia.   Sigh.   No Cody Posters coming home in my bag!


While I was in Australia, we had analyst briefings, media event involving customers and partners plus meetings with FOUR major Australian companies all in 1 day. The Australian team sure know how to make time stretch!!  See below for some of the fun pics!

The day had a lot of excitement from clients who told their stories!  Jord was on stage with me and told their amazing story of leveraging Connections throughout their enterprise.

Take a listen to Kim Robertson on our adventure down and under!