I love my iPad.  How did I survive without it?    And I am not alone.  The use of tablets in business is on the rise. Increasingly, employees require enterprise connectivity from their personal smartphones and tablet devices, also known as the “Bring Your Own Device” to work trend…. not BYOB but BYOD!

According to IDC France, the tablet market is forecast to reach over 4.1 million in 2012, representing a 48% growth compared to 2011.  The study reveals that 73% of business leaders surveyed currently allowed mobile devices to connect to their corporate networks!

IBM will make your holiday dreams come true with:

  • Social networking for iPad:  Available from the Apple app store at no charge for existing IBM Connections users.  I use this everyday in my marketing and sales.
  • Attend Online Meetings:  I can attend online meeting from any tablet anytime and any where.
  • Instant messaging:  I was in the pilot for Sametime.  Wow!  This is extremely powerful.   Anywhere I can instant message anyone anywhereAccess business documents
  • Easier access to mail and calendar: I use this everyday


Lots of clients are using these SoLoMo functions today!   ConMed Linvatec, other global organizations including Bekins Van Lines, Cincinnati Zoo, Cummins, VCC Construction, and schools like Virginia Commonwealth University.