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Michael Sherman from UT Austin: people underestimate the power of Watson!

Michael Sherman is a student at the McCombs School of Business, UT Austin and winner of the recent Watson case competition on campus. He suggested a solution for Watson, the cognitive computer, that can navigate the vast amounts of accounting regulation: more than any human can process!

Learn more about Watson from our IBM SVP Mike Rhodin at TieCon this Friday in Santa Clara.

Buildings become smarter with Big Data, Analytics, and Cloud!

Happy Monday and welcome to our Coffee Break!

Today, we are going to see how buildings become smarter with big data, analytics, and cloud.  These “smarts” are important to help companies to optimize their office space.



Meet Generation C! Connection, in Control, and Co Creators!

Happy Monday!

Welcome to our Social Business Coffee Break — a real fun one but important as well!

Innovate like a startup: What Goliath can learn from David! Pulse it UP!

In honor: My brief encounter with Mandela lasted a lifetime

I have met many “famous” people but none that have touched me like Mandela.

It was just a fleeting moment really — I was with a key group that had traveled to South Africa.   Since I was supporting a very important person from the US that was scheduled to meet with Mandela, I was told to stay in the background during the meeting.  I was allowed to go into the room to learn and listen.

But I was pleasantly surprised when he didn’t let me stay in the background but shook my hand and asked me some questions!  His smile and demeanor made you feel like you mattered.

In that short instance, I realized what greatness really meant.  Making everyone feel like they matter, listening, and leading.

He touched my life in 5 minutes or less.  Whose life have you touched?   Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

You can make a difference!   Do the impossible!

The Gap in skills for mobile, social, analytics continues! VBlog!

Skills have been quite the topic lately.  Why?  We have such skills gaps that any great company must really address the challenge, with the industry.

Here’s the results of the study that show the gaps!   Read last week’s blogs for IBM’s focus with the academic universities in security and analytics!

Social and your personality test!

You have to watch this one!  This behavior way of blending recommendations will have a major impact on the market!

Saturday Infographic: Surprising facts on Social Twitter

This infographic is courtesy of  Masters in finance and researched by Merrill Cook.

twitter numbers

Friday Tip: Always on listening

My  mom used to tell me that God gave me two ears and one mouth because I was to listen more than talk.   In Social Media, listening acts as a guide, through the magical and interesting world of the blogosphere.

Listening should be a passion and an ongoing process that is necessary to keeping your strategy fresh and competitive.  It enables you to find opportunities, potential new stakeholders and enables you to proactively manage Social Trust.  

The value of listening is that it assists you in understanding your prospects, clients, and of course, your competitors.   It leads to action and awareness of conversations which will compel your company to respond.  

Since your URL isn’t just your website anymore, but everywhere you are on the web, listening is important to your digital presence.  You are building a brand through images and test, and your head is on the “guillotine” everyday if you just rest and don’t stay totally tuned in a systemic approach. Business, corporation related and societal events and basically everything is simply interconnected and needs dedicated listening all at the same time.

How do you listen?   I use IBM Connections internally, and IBM Analytics externally and also set google alerts, Hootsuite and check Tumblr for trending topics.      What do you use?

9 Levers of Differentiation in Big Data (Social creates alot of data!)

What is big data anyway?  It is the flood of information that is available today.   Did you know that every day, 2.5 billion gigabytes of data are created in a variety of forms, such as social 
media posts, information gathered in sensors 
and medical devices, videos and transaction records?  Why .. that’s Big!

Why is Big Data important? Being able to capitalize of that data gives you better insight and makes you more competitive.

big data info

IBM’s Institute of Business Value just published a study on the 9 Levers of Differentiation for Big Data.   The research makes it clear there are specific activities that can help organizations accelerate value creation and simplify analytics implementation.

Those 9 levers are:

1. Know the Source of Value.   Focus on actions and decisions that generate value.  Organizations realizing value from analytics solutions are those that can readily measure their impact.

2. Culture.  Those cultures that support the availability and use of data and analytics see higher value from analytics and data.

3. Executive Support and involvement.  Infusing the use of analytics into an organization’s culture typically requires advocacy and action from the most senior levels of
the organization.

4. Measurements.  Evaluating impact on business outcomes.  

5. Trusted data and data management practices.  Decision makers must have confidence in the data before they will use it to guide their actions.

6. Disicplined approach.  Leaders use a financial rigor in analytics funding process.

7. A great software platform.  You need integrated capabilities delivered by software tools to take advantage of big data.

8. Organizational confidence in the data and the skills.

9. Focus on Skills. Development and access to skills and capabilities.   There is a huge analytics skills gap.  Those leaders focus on training a great team.

Download the full report:

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