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The 3-D Ultrasound Medical Scanner That Runs On Your Smartphone

Imagine that every doctor’s office – perhaps even every pharmacy – had a low cost imaging device running on a smartphone.  The scanner would be able to provide instant, real-time pictures inside damaged limbs and inside other parts of the body, significantly reducing the time taken for diagnosis.

No referrals, no hospital visits and faster treatments.
Several low-cost medical imaging devices driven by smartphones are now arriving. One of the most interesting approaches is from the Butterfly Network which proposes to make a small ultrasound scanner able to run on a variety of smartphones.
One issue with low-cost portable scanners is that family doctors and pharmacists will need training to interpret scan results.  But scanner makers are also likely to offer a real-time on-line interpretation service to assist.  And for a fee.  Compliments of Ray Hammond — a true futrologist!

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  1. Zubair

    I was surprised when you write on 3D Ultrasound Mobile Scanner, however i read on Wikipedia and i was stunned that it is true, according to Wikipedia, “A novel technology enabling the use of 3D ultrasound in remote areas has been recently developed. This new technology leverages the ubiquitous mobile phone available even in the most remote corners of the world.” Hope such technology helps Humanity.

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