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My Top 10 "Facts" of Big Data and Analytics from IBMInsight Today!

There was an exciting start to IBM’s Insight conference in Las Vegas starting first with our Outstanding Partners !!!   And did you know that this is the LARGEST Big Data conference in the world!

As Bob Picciano said “Data is the WHAT; Cloud is the HOW, and Engagement is the WHY”

Here’s are just some of the exciting Facts that we’ve learned on the first day!

  1. 71% of companies planning to increase budgets for analytic systems and 60% of leading companies – compared to just 29% of lagging organizations – are increasing big data and analytics investment by double digits over the next two years.
  2. Most companies estimate they’re analyzing a mere 12% of the data they have, according to a recent study by Forrester Research. Is this good or bad?   Are they missing out on data-driven insights hidden inside the 88% of data they’re ignoring?
  3. >91% of big data deployments are planned to augment existing data warehouse not replace them
  4. From IBM’s Business Tech Trend Study, nearly 70% of leading companies say analytics are integral to how their organizations make decisions, compared to fewer than 20% of lagging organizations
  5. 89% of leading companies have mature big data and analytics capabilities – 2x more than lagging companies.
  6. 74% of leading companies have most of the big data and analytics skills they need – 2 times more than lagging companies
  7. 33% of leading companies have an enterprise-wide analytics strategy – nearly 7 times more than lagging companies
  8. More than 80% of leading companies plan to increase use of social and mobile analytics over the next two years
  9. 80% of all data is geo-spatially managed in some way –Robin Jones
  10. A medical record is worth twice as much as a credit card on the black market.

And my 2 favorite quotes of the day.  “Complacency is the early stage of irrelevance!” and “Innovation is key. Its engine sits on two pillars: Culture and Team”.



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