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Content creators for Digital Assets — More Creative in the "green"

I was fascinated by an article I just read about the impacts of colors on your mood. In particular, the article had strong insight into the color green on your creativity. Lately, several companies have been asking me how to inspire their team’s creativity especially for digital content.

As companies become more social, organizations are increasingly looking for digital content and media skills. In the digital age, content is becoming king and so digital content creators are the new kingmakers! With $135bn being spent on digital content, CMO’s see custom content as the future of marketing.

So is this one idea, to sit these new kingmakers in green rooms? Is this why actors room up in a “green room?”

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  1. I suspect the association between green and creativity has to do with nature. Green is the color of growth, of spring and summer, the times when new things begin and then mature. Being outdoors, outside of the constraining walls of an office, can be a great way to open your mind and spur the imagination. Numerous studies have shown that office plants boost well-being and productivity by up to 50%, so it stands to reason that creative energy would be higher too.

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