Every brand wants you to join their community.  Overload, too many social channels – internal networks, external networks, personal networks, a new social media tool launched once every 24 hours.  Everyone wants to collaborate, work with each other.  Can we handle all the pressure?

  • 76% of brand conversations happen offline
  • 14% of brand conversations happen by phone
  • 8% of brand conversations happen online


Have we hit a social media plateau?

In recent client conversations on usage of social media, the trendsetters appear to be “socialed out”.   Most early adopters seem to be overwhelmed with their personal, corporate,  and professional social networks.  In fact, respondents feel that adding any additional network for anything social is quite overwhelming. 

Recent early adopter surveys identify five key phases of social media adoption.  Per Ray Wang, they are: 

Phase 1: Eager early adopters. Users eagerly experimented in the newness of the medium.   Early adopters attempt to apply the medium to everything.

Phase 2: Ubiquitous usage. Rapid adoption put the medium in the hands of the masses. 

Phase 3: Relevant ratonalization. Brands and enterprises apply the medium to the right business use cases and processes.

Phase 4: Desensitization and fatal fatigue. Inundated with marketing, bombarded with irrelevant content, and tired of the newness of the medium, customers begin tuning out.

 Phase 5: Rejuvenation. Maturation of the medium ushers an improved era of engagement.

 What do you think ?