In the last week, my daughter had to come to work with me, as we had no (and still don’t have!) power.

In my office, I have a beautiful set of windows.  She and I saw turkeys, deer, hawks, and even a beautiful red fox!  When my daughter was writing the story for her school assignment, she said it was great!  But she wondered how great it would have been if there were also giraffes and a window that opened so that she could feed the animals.

It was off the wall – the thought of giraffes in NY!  During a Hurricane … during the winter!    But then it hit me!

Think different. Don’t do things incrementally better. Take it to the next level  Dream in color!

That is what companies have to do in social.   You cannot just think email is good, but social is incrementally better.   Think totally different!   How could this change business processes?   Like TD Bank, Asian Paints, Lowe’s, Prudential, and more!  Figure out that different thought that leverages social as a competitive differentiation!

I do see those companies who think outside the box taking social into their innovative cycles. What’s your thought?  Who do you see thinking outside the box on Social?  Who can feed the giraffe outside my window?!