At the IBM conference in Las Vegas, we heard the strong message that Social Analytics made a huge difference!  Here is a great case study for emphasizing this point!

Amadori is a 100-yr old Italian food company that wanted to better market its products to a younger audience.  Using social analytics, they listened and learned about this new target customers’ preferences and integrate those insights into their digital marketing campaigns.   How?    They created highly interactive websites that integrated with social networking sites (like Facebook and YouTube).   Through the dialog within the four microsites and using sophisticated predictive analytics, Amadori is able to track and visualize what is said about their brand and products on social networks, blogs and forums- in real time- uncovering trends and opinions. Amadori uses this information to identify and predict consumer buying preferences, refine their digital marketing campaigns to generate more sales, and use the information to develop new products.
The results are on target!  The solution boosted their ability to monitor and learn about their brand, improve their social media presence by 100% (45k Facebook fans in less than one year), build direct channels with new segments and respond 40% faster with new web sites.